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Board of Directors

In 2020, remuneration paid to the entire Board of Directors (BoD), excluding the Chairwoman, totalled KCHF 349.6. This figure is slightly higher than in the previous year due to the expansion of the BoD from eight to nine members. BoD Chairwoman Barbara Hayoz was paid remuneration amounting to KCHF 137.8. In each case, the remuneration includes meeting attendance fees and compensation for special tasks. Charges for expenses actually incurred are no longer reported, as the relevant ordinance has changed. No compensation was paid for other expenses. Following a review of the BVG insurance obligation for Board members ordered by the Federal Office of Personnel (FOPER), the Board members who were liable for insurance were insured retrospectively. The reported costs also include retrospective payments for 2019 and 2018 amounting to KCHF 12.0. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Chairwoman’s working hours were increased to 55% of the FTE.

CEO and members of the Executive Board

The remuneration of the CEO and the members of the Executive Board consists of a basic salary and a variable salary component, which is determined annually on the basis of the achievement of individual and company targets. The variable component reported pertains to the prior-year period; this amount plus the fixed salary represents the total remuneration for the year of the CEO and the other members of the Executive Board. Total remuneration amounted to KCHF 875.3 in 2020 (previous year KCHF 868.7) for three members of the Executive Board. The highest total compensation of KCHF 348.2 was paid to the CEO.


Executive Salary Reporting – Senior Management (Board of Directors)







in CHF (previous year in grey)




Board (8 members, excluding chairwoman)








Level of activity







(percentage of time spent on function)


55 %




BoD 10 %






IC 20 %







FOC 10 %








Meeting attendance fee


84 000


328 000


41 000


81 000


289 000


41 286

Cash payments for compensation of special tasks


53 800


21 550


2 694


40 900


23 450


3 350

Other expenses (travelling expenses, accommodation, board and representation)





1 139


27 681


3 954

Other contractual terms







Post-employment benefits



22 485


2 811

Severance compensation




Executive Salary Reporting – Executive Board (CEO and Department Heads)

in CHF (previous year in grey)




Members of the Executive Board (2 members without CEO)















Fixed part (salary)


298 758


465 400


232 700


295 800


454 404


227 202

Cash payments for compensation of special tasks







Cash payments (justified by function or labour market)







Bonuses (variable salary part)


48 814


60 509


30 255


57 094


58 875


29 438

Other expenses




1 200






1 680



Other contractual terms







Post-employment benefits


Management plan


Management plan


Severance compensation




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